An Ink Explosion…On your Shirt.


  You’ve been hard at work for hours, well past the 5pm EOD, chewing on the end of your pen. When you’re finally done working, […]

When Jeans Rip…Does that mean they have to R.I.P?


Denim, one of the worlds most popular items of clothing for its style, function and fit, unbeknownst to most, is a product of weaving cotton warp. […]

Can you wear a wedding dress after preservation?


Can you wear a wedding dress after preservation? For 99% of dry cleaners the answer is NO. But because at Jeeves NY we are always looking to […]

Removing Cigarette Smoke from Your Clothes


  While smoking is not an activity that we want any of our clients partaking in, the truth is that smoking has always been good […]

TOP Garment Care Tips for SUMMER!!


We’ve boiled down the TOP garment care tips for Summer from around our blog into 4 main points…See below. 1. SUN TAN LOTION/BRONZER We all […]

Summer Beach Weddings!


Have you planned the MOST fabulous destination wedding to a gorgeous island, with sandy beaches and clear water? Then this post is for you! Getting […]

The ESPYS’s best dressed!


  Where there’s an award show, there’s a fashion moment waiting to be had, and though the red carpet (http://www NULL.jeevesny filled with incredible […]

Pesky Snags, and How to Fix Them


You’re running out the front door and accidentally bump your shoulder on the door frame, pulling your favorite blouse. A snag occurs. What do you do […]

Donna Karan’s Exit from Donna Karan International


Donna Karan, now known for the effortless grace and style she brings to her fashion lines, was a champion of the working woman’s attire when […]

The Summer HEAT and YOUR wardrobe!


  What are a few things that the Jeeves New York clients are worrying about regarding the heat and their clothes? And what can be […]

Swimwear X Drycleaning…What you need to know!


  With the impending first day of summer just a few days away, many clients are wondering “Can bathing suits be dry-cleaned” and the answer […]

Hampton’s Dry Cleaning Service!


Jeeves NY will be offering door to door pick up and delivery service in the Hampton’s, every Wednesday from now until Labor day! Making stops in Westhampton Beach, Hampton Bays, South Hampton, […]