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Beautiful but Difficult / Hand Cleaning

Beautiful but Difficult, January

February 9, 2018

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For January, our “Beautiful but Difficult” goes to a Matthew Williamson dress with a heavily embellished collar. Thankfully our client only has minor soiling on her dress as this garment can only be cleaned by hand.

The collar embellishments are glass and stone which would chip, crack or break if subjected to routine dry cleaning. The collar embellishments are also attached in a manner which would make removal time intensive.

If the dress had a serious stain that precluded hand cleaning, our tailoring staff could remove the stones from the neckline, so that the dress could be fully dry cleaned. If Jeeves needed to provide this service, it would increase the cost of cleaning the dress by over $200 due to the amount of labor needed. Though this dress is beautiful, it is difficult to clean.

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