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Bergdorf Goodman, Bridal Gowns & Jeeves New York

October 4, 2009

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Oscar de la Renta gown at Jeeves

Oscar de la Renta gown at Jeeves

Your man Jeeves ran over to Bergdorf Goodman last week to meet with Nara the bridal manager. She was in need of having a few of her sample gowns cleaned to “freshen them up” for her clients.

Nara asked, if Jeeves would like to start with a simple gown or a more complex piece. Jeeves chose a most beautiful Oscar de la Renta gown with yards and yards of pleated silk trim. Jeeves always wants to impress on the first go around.

The Oscar gown was collected and transported to the Jeeves production facility where our head cleaning technician was awaiting it’s arrival.

The issues? A very soiled hem from all of “try on’s” at Bergdorf’s, a grayish cast from NYC dust and makeup around the neckline. Nothing tragic, but the gown was in need of cleaning.

A few hours later the gown was perfectly cleaned, and inspected. Off to the hand finishing area and into the hands of Roseanna.

Roseanna, who has been hand finishing gowns at Jeeves for over 15 years was hard at work. Her hand iron was a careful blur as each inch of the gown was gone over.

The result? Perfection.

Bergdorf’s had their Oscar back on Saturday before noon for a fitting. At last your man Jeeves had heard, they had made the sale.

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