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How Your Bridal Gown Can Last 200 Years

October 9, 2009

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Cymbeline Bridal Gown, 2010

Cymbeline Bridal Gown, 2010

Actually this part is up to you.

The cleaning and preservation of your bridal gown after your wedding can only do so much. Yes, the first steps are proper cleaning and preservation, which includes acid-neutral materials and a porous storage vessel.

Sealed boxes and plastic should never be used. And of course the wedding dress should only be preserved if clean.

Assuring that your gown is stored properly is up to you.

Ideally an air conditioned and humidity controlled storage environment is ideal, but for many this may not be practical.

Storing your cleaned and preserved bridal gown in a basement is never good. Many basements may seem fine, but the humidity levels may be too high. This can lead to mold damage over time.

Attics are too hot. Excessive heat will break down textile fibers, so attics are a “no no”.

The best place for long term storage would be in an inside closet in a part of your home which is a part of living space. These areas are generally heated and air conditioned so you are giving your gown the very best storage conditions and the potential to last 200 years.

You should also open your gown vessel every two years to check the condition of  your dress. If you ever see anything that doesn’t look right, bring it back to the firm which took care of the cleaning and preservation for you. They should be able to advise you of any issues.

Please wash your hands or wear cotton gloves before you handle your preserved gown, you do not want the oils in your hands to transfer to your gown.

In need of bridal gown cleaning and preservation?

Jeeves of Belgravia, New York is recommended by both the Vera Wang Bridal House and the Bridal Salon at Bergdorf Goodman. Your man Jeeves will care for your gown unlike any other firm anywhere.

Your gown will be cleaned without the use of petrochemicals in our Eco2 Cleanse liquid carbon dioxide process. Eco2 Cleanse is the gentlest, greenest way to clean your bridal gown.

After cleaning your gown will be treated to Jeeves’ museum conservation method of gown preservation.

Jeeves offers complimentary pick-up in the New York City area and FEDEX shipping worldwide.

Give our bridal gown preservation department a call if you need additional information at 212-570-9130.

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