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Wedding Dress Cleaning and Preservation, Part 2

July 1, 2009

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Bride in bridal gown at castle

Bride in bridal gown at castle

So you have decided to have your bridal gown cleaned and preserved after your wedding. What actually happens to your bridal gown to make it last so long?

At Jeeves of Belgravia (http://www NULL.JeevesNY, New York City, our procedure for cleaning is as follows;

  1. Written pre-cleaning condition report.
  2. Pre-cleaning repair of any damage which may have occurred during wearing.
  3. Ultra-violet light inspection to discover “invisible stains”.
  4. Hand cleaning and treatment of all soiled areas and individual stains.
  5. Immersion cleaning with our Eco-Clean dry cleaning solution.
  6. Post cleaning “white glove” inspection. If soiling or stains remain the above steps are repeated.
  7. Hand steaming and hand ironing to preserve the original drape of your gown.
  8. Post steaming “white glove” inspection.
  9. Final inspection by bridal department supervisor.

Proper and complete cleaning is the first step towards the preservation process. After these steps are taken your bridal gown then goes to our preservation department.

Next week I will talk about the proper steps needed to guarantee that your wedding dress can be preserved for up to 200 years.

Thanks for listening, Jerry Pozniak

Jeeves of Begravia, NYC is “THE” source for bridal gown cleaning, preservation and restoration. Established in New York in 1981, Jeeves is the only world-wide garment care company with locations in; London, Hong Kong, Istanbul, Jakarta, and soon in Dubai.

Jeeves of Belgravia is the holder of the Royal Warrant as the dry-cleaner to HRH Prince Charles and Family.

Jeeves is one of only 40 garment care firms nationwide selected as one of America’s Best Cleaners. (http://www NULL.AmericasBestCleaners

Jeeves offers complimentary nationwide pick-up and delivery of your bridal gown, as well as world-wide shipping.

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