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Garment Care in between Cleanings

Every fashionista loves to add a little dimension to their clothing by throwing some texture into the mix. Textured items can be fun, but they often require extra care. Here’s how to get your garments to last until their next Jeeves appointment: Sequins Sequins are popular […]

How to Make a Statement at Holiday Parties

The Holidays are fast approaching and we cannot wait to unwrap presents and sip champagne by the fireplace. With new outfits and gifts everywhere, it truly is the season to be jolly! As Hanukkah and Christmas party invitations are inundating our mailbox, we bring you […]

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Trend Report: Ruffled Fur

As much as we love sunny days in June, there is something magical about watching powdery snow cascade down as you snuggle up next to a fire. Embracing winter means that the fur coats come out to play and there is no shortage of inspiration […]

5 Coat Trends to Try This Winter

Winter is approaching, but don’t fret, because along with winter comes snow, hot cocoa and cute coats! Some may think that winter is one of the least fashionable seasons because we have to cover up in order to protect ourselves from the harsh, cold weather, but […]


Why is cold storage important for furs and leathers?

  So why is cold storage important for furs and leathers???…The simple answer is that it preserves the skins more than if they were to be stored at room temperature. As fur, leather and suede are all skins, over time they degrade. This degradation process […]


Water Damaged Clothing

  The Jeeves team has gotten valuable insight into handling garments from minor water damages to catastrophic events such as super-storm Sandy over the years.  And with the ability to assist our clients with minute water damage issues like dye transfers from one garment to […]


Shearling Cleaning Tips

If you have worn your shearling over the winter and splashed with slush inspect it for damage from salt.

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Spring Break & Your Winter Wardrobe

Your man Jeeves advice is simple, anything that was worn should be cleaned before being put away. This advice is not unique to Jeeves, all wardrobe experts will advise you of the same.


Here’s To a Furocious Fall

As the leaves change from their monotonous tones of green to vibrant red, yellow, and orange, our wardrobes follow suit and assimilate to the changing of the seasons.  Fall embodies transition allowing us to experiment with layers, form, color, and texture.  It permits an understanding […]

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Let Your Furs Hibernate With Your Man Jeeves

Before sending your furs to hibernate with your man Jeeves all summer long, he strongly urges that you have your coats cleaned to remove any damaging soils and rejuvenate the skins with oils so that your fur may endure many more seasons.

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How to Store Fur in New York

Your man Jeeves offers some helpful tips and suggestions on hoe to store your winter furs.