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36,000 Costumes Cleaned for The Met

November 3, 2009

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Aida at the Met

Aida at the Met

At last count your man Jeeves  has cleaned over 36,000 costumes for the Metropolitan Opera House. What an accomplishment.

And these aren’t everyday items.

The costumes at the Metropolitan Opera’s are the best-of-the-best. Their costume designers use only the finest fabrics and materials. Yards and yards of silk, miles of crinoline. You wouldn’t believe  how much padding is in some of the petticoats.

Garments are referred to as; mantua, frock, breeches and court jackets. The language of their wardrobe quickly transports one back in time.

Corsets are worn under gowns to pinch in a woman’s waist and  padded petticoats give  hips the required width. When all is said and done some of the gowns must weigh 30 pounds!

One of the most amazing things about the costumes at the Met is how well made they are. No detail is too small, including proper period buttons and embellishments.

The costume designers at the Met are truly magicians. My staff and I are transported to another place and time every time these costumes are brought to us for cleaning.

This week we are in ancient Egypt; we are cleaning Aida.

Thanks for listening, your man Jeeves.

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