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Refinery 29 Picks Best Cleaner in New York; Your Man Jeeves!

June 28, 2011

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Jeeves the Best Dry Cleaner New York, Refinery 29

Wow was I surprised this morning when I get an email from my former assistant Mollie telling me about how Refinery 29 named Jeeves as the best dry cleaner in New York City. Didn’t see this one coming, plus a great way to start this morning.

It’s quite an honor and testament to the wonderful craftsmen of Jeeves to be named as the best in New York by one of the premiere fashion sites. Thank you Refinery 29.

I love how Refinery 29 described Jeeves, “…the perfect personal assistant to combat the trickiest stains…”, who else but your man Jeeves. Here is the link to the full article. (http://www NULL.refinery29

Thanks for listening, Jerry Pozniak.

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