Drapery: Yes, We Are Talking About Curtains Now

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Drapery: Yes, We Are Talking About Curtains Now

August 15, 2016

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We are going to level with you—talking about window treatments is not nearly as entertaining as talking about clothes. But, because we always have your best, most-perfectly-laundered interests at heart, we are going to buckle down and discuss drapery anyway.

Whether the window treatments in question have been handed down your family for generations or they were picked up from a chic, trendy shop more recently than not, they deserve special care and treatment.

There are quite a few reasons as to why you might want to opt out of cleaning your curtains yourself, but the most glaring is probably tied to the fact that there is a lot of bulkiness to be maneuvered during such a washing and drying process.

Most of the fabric will not fit into a normal washer and dryer and taking it down to clean in the first place is a pretty tiring and strenuous experience (which is why we actually provide interested clients the opportunity to take advantage of our by-appointment take-down and rehang service).

You might think that this is only applicable for heavy, rich fabrics. Not so. Because curtains—yes, even sheer, lightweight ones—tend to taper from the top of the rack on which they are hung all the way down to the floor. And when you factor in how wide these bolts of fabrics are, you are left with plenty of cloth to transport.

Speaking of fabric (though aren’t we always?), another component to consider in curtain cleaning is whether or not your drapes are crafted out of a textile that needs to be handled and washed a certain way. While you can always try to trust your go-to search engine on this front, you might want to just look to a team of experts (https://jeevesny NULL.com/) to determine this.

You will also want to make sure that you don’t neglect your curtain accessories (i.e. tie-backs, swags, pelmets, blinds, etc.) since a spotless curtain set will look pretty odd partnered with dingy embellishments, you know?

You probably knew from the get-go where we were going with this, but we can handle the drapery dry cleaning process for you (https://jeevesny NULL.com/services/drapery/). Get in touch with us here (https://jeevesny NULL.com/contact/).

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