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Dry Cleaning and Odors, What you need to know!

May 22, 2014

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Can dry cleaning really get rid of smelly body odor left behind in clothes if its a DRY cleaning process?

The answer is YES.

New clients often come to Jeeves complaining that their traditional dry cleaners were unable get rid of a body odor smell from their clothes, sometimes even adding a ‘kerosene like’ chemical smell to them. This strong chemical smell is actually from PERC which is used in the dry cleaning process to clean clothes. Sometimes, depending on the fabric, PERC does not evaporate from the clothing fully, and remnants of it are left in the clothes, which creates a combined body odor and chemical smell.

To remove both of those smells, Jeeves uses a Liquid CO2 dry cleaning process. An eco-friendly process that does not require the use of chemicals, yet is highly efficient, it is a favorite with many of the Jeeves clients. Important for the impending humid and hot summer months in New York, you need to know that Jeeves has a reliable service that will leave your clothes truly odorless (no B.O. or PERC).

Contact a client service representative today at clientservices@jeevesny.com, to schedule a pickup of your items!

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