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Fashion’s Night Out

August 25, 2010

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With the countdown at just 15 days your man Jeeves can hardly contain his excitement for the second annual Fashion’s Night out.

If you did not participate last year do not miss out on an evening to indulge in EVERYTHING that the fashion industry has to offer.

Mrs. Jeeves has already begun planning her evening thanks to the easy to use planning feature on the Fashion’s Night Out official website (http://www NULL.fashionsnightout

Whether you are into shopping, celebrity appearances, or just want to experience the fabulously inspiring atmosphere of this evening make sure to get your ticket today. Jeeves can assure this is something you do not want to miss out on.

With hundreds of participating designers and vendors it would be nearly impossible not to find something that inspires you. What better way to jump start your fall wardrobe than by shopping the city with friends and fashion lovers alike?

Jeeves hopes that after you have taken advantage of all that the night has to offer you will keep him in mind for the cleaning of the fabulous new additions to your wardrobe.  Don’t forget that your man Jeeves employs some of the best tailoring talents that you will find in New York City, so if that new piece doesn’t hang just right or you are not the build of the poster children for this campaign( let’s be honest most don’t) than come in to have your pieces shortened and altered.

Jeeves looks forward to enjoying the night with you during Fashion’s biggest night out.

As always thanks for listening.

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