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Jeeves Offers the Touch of a Gentleman to Help Keep Your Clothing Fresh!

March 24, 2010

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As a gentleman with an appreciate for fashion and a love of fine garments, your man Jeeves can not grasp the notion of clothing that is ripped & torn before ever leaving the hanger! Perhaps Jeeves is a bit of an old timer, but it is usually when clothing starts to get holes and is worn out that you consider parting with the item that has clearly become a wardrobe staple and finding a replacement ASAP.

If you have not adopted the look of Lindsay Lohan and still admire all your wardrobe pieces in their non tattered glory then you should seek out a cleaning method, such as the ECO2 Cleanse process at Jeeves New York that significantly reduces the wear and tear on your wardrobe. The gentle cleaning process literally has your clothing floating through what can only be described as champagne bubbles.

Don’t be confused that your man Jeeves is using bubbly to clean clothing, rather this method is so gentle and so safe that you the same substance used for cleaning can also be imbibed.

Since your clothing floats through this process, it is not introduced to the sides of the machine where damage usually occurs, therefore greatly extending the lifetime of your wardrobe. Your man Jeeves does not exclude torn fashions from his cleaning either and would recommend his ECO2 Cleanse process even more so that the pieces do not tear more.

For the best in luxury cleaning in NYC, come visit your man Jeeves.

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