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Memorial Day Stripes

May 26, 2015

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Photo: Acielle / Style du Monde

Did you embrace the red, white and blue for memorial day? Then you may just need our services after all the parties and bbq’s. If you went for the stripe trend with the three patriotic colors, and white was the main color throughout your garment; washing them on your own may lead to the vibrant blue and red bleeding into the white. An issue we have seen time and time again at Jeeves. So heed our warning and bring them into Jeeves or your local dry-cleaner (http://jeevesny for an expert cleaning that will have every color left UN-bled.

Also for stain removal from various sauces and libations enjoyed during Memorial day, make sure to pre-treat with a stain treatment and then follow the care instructions on the label. If it does say “dry-cleaning” only on the garment, well then we expect to see you at Jeeves very soon! (http://jeevesny



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