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Mysterious Yellow Stains on White?

June 17, 2012

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At the Jeeves shop this time of year, our staff is queried about the same problem many times daily. “I don’t recall these yellow stains the last time I wore this dress, can they be removed?” is a common question and request. The dress is beautiful and bright white.

Where did the yellow stains come from?

More than likely they were caused by oxidation; not that your man Jeeves wants to bore you with technical details it is helpful to understand what did actually happen.

The last time the dress was worn was at the end of the summer season last August. Our client had gotten a bit of white wine on the dress and dabbed it with some sparkling water. When she hung it up it after the evening the white wine had dried and the dress looked great.

Fast forward to June, 9 months after the dress had been worn last. Our client now takes the dress out of her closet and the dress has yellow stains.

Over the winter months the white wine that remained in the fibers of the have oxidized or turned yellow. Think of how an apple that is sliced and left on the counter turns brown quickly, this is oxidation.

Depending on the what caused the stain and the fibers of the garment, oxidation can appear from pale yellow to dark brown. The stains that have turned dark brown are usually on vintage garments that have been oxidizing for years and perhaps decades.

Can these stains be removed?

These are difficult stains to remove even for Jeeves. Our craftsmen at our cleaning workshop have developed techniques for this type of stain removal. Depending on the age of the stain and the type of fabric Jeeves can, at times, remove all traces of the stain. For severe cases, or on fragile fabrics, stain removal may not be possible.

To prevent yellow stains for occurring, Jeeves recommends that prior to putting garments that have been worn away for the season, please clean them.

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