Pleats: How To Clean & Maintain Them

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Pleats: How To Clean & Maintain Them

September 30, 2015

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Pleats. The quintessential mark of a ‘prim & proper’ article of clothing, with its application to silk, other fine fabrics or even leather, has been a favorite among fashionistas for years. Whether thick, small, in silk or leather; the feminine detailing is a staple  in every fashion lover’s closet. But how do you clean and maintain the intentional creases in your pleated pieces, without compromising the style of the garments?


Drycleaning (http://www NULL.jeevesny, of course.

Natural fabrics, like linen and silk, will not hold pleats permanently. For example, if a silk gown has micro pleats, as you wear it, the pleats will loosen. Washing at home, and then hang drying or throwing the piece into the dryer will only distort the pleating. So dry-cleaning, coupled with a strong press, is the only way to maintain your pleated garments (http://www NULL.jeevesny And even then, with micro pleats, there is a chance that the pleats will not return to their former glory.

Get in touch (http://jeevesny with your local luxury dry cleaner or Jeeves NY to find out how to best care for your pleated pieces. 


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