How Do Dry Cleaners Repair Holes?

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How Do Dry Cleaners Repair Holes?

March 26, 2015

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Small tears or holes in garments occur as a natural part of wearing clothes, but as soon as you get one in your garment it does not mean that it must be thrown away. A hole represents a complete break/removal of fabric fibers. And while often times its not always easy to repair, it can be repaired if the hole is small enough and the materials are not too fine.

For instance, if you get a hole in your knit or wool sweater, the fibers can be stitched or re-weaved back together almost looking ‘good as new.’  For men’s and women’s suits that are made with a high thread count, because of the finer quality and finish, the threads are smaller, making it much harder to repair the holes. So do your best not to get a hole in these higher quality suits (we know, much easier said than done right?). There’s a little more leeway with Suits of lower thread counts, as their fibers are larger and easier to repair.

For holes that occur on jeans, the easiest ones to repair are along the seams. And for those holes that pop up on the knees or thighs, you’re in luck because destroyed denim is the trend of the day! Get a pair of scissors, create a couple more strategically placed holes, and no one can tell you that you’re not en mode! 

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