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Swimwear X Drycleaning…What you need to know!

June 16, 2015

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Herve Leger Swimwear

With the impending first day of summer just a few days away, many clients are wondering “Can bathing suits be dry-cleaned” and the answer is NO!

Even if you spend $500.00 on a Herve Leger suit that you REALLY want to make sure stays in mint condition, your best bet is to hand wash it in cool water, or put it on a low cycle with like colors in your washing machine. NEVER place it in the dryer, and always hang dry, just to avoid any shrinkage.

The chemicals in dry-cleaning are too harsh for the water ready fabrics. And ironing or trying to bleach a suit can completely ruin a suit.

If you are traveling to an exotic location with ocean water, aka salt water, make sure to readily rinse out the suit in fresh water as the salt can cause irreparable damage to the suit fibers when left un clean. Just like the salt on the ground from winter can ‘burn’ your favorite winter wear items and boots, the salt from the ocean can do the same to your swimwear.

If you have any questions regarding the care of your swimwear, feel free to contact us at client services@jeevesny.com or (212) 570-9130.

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