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The De-Lamination of Leather

February 26, 2015

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The essence of being a designer is to use knowledge of fabrics and materials to create wearable art.¬†Leather, a favorite material for designers to work with, has been used for clothing since the beginning of human existence. With ways of preparing the material to be ready for manipulation into clothes hardly changing over time; current pressures on designers from the fashion industry are pushing them to create leather pieces that are virtually disposable. When style is chosen over function, fabrics and clients pay the price, and with high-end leather pieces, there’s a new trend….De-Lamination.

As the current trend in leather garments is stretch. Leather is being cut thinner than ever and laminated (glued) to a spandex backing, to make the skin garment stretch. The adhesive that is used should last a long time, but at Jeeves we are seeing this fabric fail. Sometimes after a few wearings and sometimes after cleaning. This is de-lamination, and can occur on some of your most expensive stretch leather pants or dresses.

The end result after the fabric backing de-lamnates is puckering of the leather, which I’m sure we can agree, is not a good look.

Puckering of the leather skin as it de-laminates and lifts from the spandex backing

Example of what the inside of a leather pant looks like when de-lamination has NOT occurred and the spandex lining is still adhered to the leather skin.


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