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The Pocket Square

December 29, 2009

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Don Draper with pocket square

Don Draper

Jeeves was very fortunate this Christmas. Mrs. Jeeves was very kind and thoughtful (as always) and gave Jeeves the gift of a few more pocket squares for his collection.

The pocket square is considered by Jeeves as the most overlooked item in a well dressed gentleman’s wardrobe. To quote the Art of Manliness (http://artofmanliness NULL.com/), “Don’t leave your suit naked.”

Well dressed gentlemen from Frank Sinatra, Sean Combs and Don Draper would never be seen without a pocket square.

Frank Sinatra with pocket square

Frank Sinatra

Your pocket square should always pick up a touch of color from your tie, but never allow yourself to purchase a matching tie and pocket square, it is just too much.

A white pocket square can be worn with anything and it is Jeeves favourite. In fact Jeeves only wears a white pocket square.

Jeeves was at a holiday party last week and immediately struck up a conversation with a gentleman that he had never met before. The gentleman had a perfectly “4 point” folded pocket square (and in white!), this was an easy conversation starter.

Gentlemen, it’s high time for pocket squares, don’t leave your suits naked. And for Jeeves it is time for high tea.

For more information about how to fold a pocket square the Art of Manliness has a great post here. (http://artofmanliness NULL.com/2008/06/15/how-to-fold-a-pocket-square/)

When your pocket square and your suit needs a perfect cleaning, please do consider Jeeves.

Jeeves is renowned world wide for finest in garment care. Jeeves can clean or repair just about anything made of cloth, leather or suede anywhere.

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