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The Summer HEAT and YOUR wardrobe!

June 25, 2015

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What are a few things that the Jeeves New York clients are worrying about regarding the heat and their clothes? And what can be done to alleviate those worries? We’ve compiled the top three, to keep your garments looking great! 

1. Sweat Stains/ Perspiration Odor

No one likes to smell like sweat. But sometimes the strongest deodorant is no match for the summer heat. Perspiration can not only cause unsightly yellow tinted stains, but  depending on a person’s body chemistry, the color of a garment can actually be changed! The “perfect storm” of the fabric x your perspiration x the dye can lead to a total change in that area of the garment. And once this happens, the change is permanent!

On white garments, perspiration stains can appear almost clear, but they will continue to yellow over time, if not taken care of in a timely manner. So it’s a good idea to dry-clean your garments as soon as possible if you sense you may have sweat in them!

2. Humidity causes wrinkles

The hot, sticky, humid east coast summer can turn your most perfectly pressed and crease free garment, into a wrinkly mess! The moisture in the air causes the fabric to stick to your skin making it crease, and also directly changes the even fibers of the fabric.

3.Clear Stains

Think white wine, clear soda and champagne. When these things spill on our clothes we think we’re in the clear right? Nope! Clear stains need to be cleaned just as quickly as you would a darker liquid stain like red wine or pepsi. Because liquids that get on your clothes and dry clear, could come back to haunt you later, as they oxidize over time, making the stain darker.

The take away from all three of these summer woes? Get your garments to the dry cleaner (http://jeevesny!

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