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Tis the season!

December 16, 2014

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The holiday season has come around again like clockwork, and we are thrilled to be helping our clients prep their holiday dresses for what will surely be a festive season! From sequins to satin, velvet and silk; we’re pressing, cleaning, and tailoring dresses in all shapes, sizes and lengths. So what are the trends in service this holiday season? Well we’ve compiled the top three recurring requests from clients! 

1. Clients often take dresses out of their closets, and realize that they need a good dry cleaning and press. Dresses and garments in general can lose their shape and beauty being cramped in the back of a closet, so having a great dry cleaner that can make your dress ‘like new’, will make your pieces last longer and look better! 

2. As many holiday pieces have embellishments on them, over time they wear, lose their lustre or portions fall off. So re-sewing on sequins, fixing brocade detail or embroidery and other embellishments is a big part of what we do to restore some of our clients favorite holiday pieces.

3. Our younger clients often use us to bring out their “inner designer.” So buying a dress, and then working with our tailors to completely change the nature of the dress and making it fit to perfection, is the norm this time of year.

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Jerry Pozniak

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