Why Your Couture Clothing Needs Couture Treatment

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Why Your Couture Clothing Needs Couture Treatment

July 26, 2016

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Sashaying around in couture clothing may be a ball, however, keeping these garments looking sharp is another matter altogether.

So, protect your investment by scoping out dry cleaners who are well-versed in the world of high-fashion, couture pieces. Why? Well, here are the top three reasons why couture clothing pieces need couture treatment.

1. They Tend To Be Made With Unique Fabrics & Materials

This isn’t always the case, but many couture pieces are crafted out of delicate fabrics and materials which—unsurprisingly—do not always emerge from regular ol’ washers and dryers in tip-top shape.

Avoid any near-inevitable mishaps by bringing them to someone who knows what they are doing on this front (https://jeevesny NULL.com/services/couture/).

2. They Often Require Extra Attention  

Innovative designs and dainty details pop up on couture pieces more often than not, so it is hardly shocking that this caliber of clothing cannot be rushed through a “normal” dry cleaning session without some major issues arising (think missing pearls, ripped embroidery, mysterious marks, etc.).

3. Normal Dry Cleaning Treatments Probably Won’t Do The Trick

This ties in closely with our two previous points. Unfortunately, many dry cleaners approach every single item of clothing that is walked through their doors with the exact same game plan, which is both foolhardy and reckless. Because of the aforementioned nature of couture, a proper cleaning necessitates that one carefully examine and analyze a given piece in order to decide which type of treatment would work best.

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