Cannes Film Festival Fashion: The Good & The Bad

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Cannes Film Festival Fashion: The Good & The Bad

May 16, 2016

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We adore talking about the latest fashion events, as evidenced by our recent The Best & Worst Gowns From The 2016 Met Gala post. So it was really only a matter of time before we tackled the 2016 Cannes Film Festival (http://www NULL.festival-cannes NULL.html).

It isn’t wrapping up until May 22nd but we have plenty of thoughts on the fashion thus far. Here are a few of our favorite looks, followed by one that left us shrugging our shoulders.

“The Best List”

Marion Cotillard

Marion looks ravishing in this Dior Couture (http://www NULL.dior metallic number. The interesting texture and the very unique hue make it a sight to behold.

That said, we will admit that this might have been even more incredible with one more tailoring session. However, that is just us splitting hairs.

Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner is fast approaching one-to-watch status, style-wise and her latest jaw-dropping gown features silk, tulle and strategically-placed cut-outs. It is a little daring, but this uber-glamorous Cavalli Couture (http://www NULL.robertocavalli dress is absolutely breathtaking.

Victoria Beckham

Now this is how you do a menswear-inspired pantsuit. Perfectly tailored to Victoria’s petite form, this get-up from Victoria Beckham (https://www NULL.victoriabeckham is flattering, different and well-done. Love it.

 Sonam Kapoor

This custom Ralph & Russo (https://ralphandrusso piece calls for a collective swoon, right? The cape, the color and the cut are just fabulous. We wouldn’t change a thing.

“The No List”

Blake Lively

While this princess-esque Vivienne Westwood (http://www NULL.viviennewestwood dress is far from bad, it just seems like a baffling choice for Cannes, especially for fashion darling Blake!

The jewel-embellished detailing and the pale blue color are undeniably gorgeous, but we really think this would have been better suited for another occasion.

Check back soon for our take on future fashion moments. And get in touch with us (https://jeevesny if you need assistance with keeping your red carpet-worthy items in tip-top shape. 

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