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Coach X Rodarte

April 6, 2017

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Photos from Coach via Refinery29

Photos from Coach via Refinery29

Another major fashion collaboration has caught our eye, and it will soon be available on April 12th! Manhatten-based designer Stuart Vevers of Coach and California girls Kate and Laura Mulleavy of Rodarte came together to create an American Dream for the ages. Fashion lovers everywhere were quite surprised to learn that these powerhouses were joining forces to create the ultimate collection.

Unlike most collaborations, the designers stressed to (http://fashionista that this partnership came about organically and was not part of some master plan to make a splash in the fashion world. The designers met during New York Fashion Week where they immediately hit it off. Stuart pointed out to Fashionista that “Designers are set up to be more competitive,” which makes this particular collaboration that much more rare. Kate agreed and explained that “Designers don’t get to hang out together, and it was fun to be with someone that would understand.” We’re certainly glad they broke the mold!

Photos from Coach via Refinery29

Photos from Coach via Refinery29

Although this collaboration may have been unforeseen, these designers’ styles complement each other very well. Coach’s impeccable leather manufacturing coupled with Rodarte’s signature embellishments has lead to an incredible 39-piece collection full of vintage elements, hand-embroidered sequins, and piercing laser cutouts! Between the jackets, dresses, sweatshirts and handbags, there’s plenty of style to go around.
The genius behind this collection stems from Stuart’s desire to immortalize American style in a very unexpected way. When asked about his collaboration with the Mulleavy sisters, Stuart told Refinery29 (http://www NULL.refinery29, “As someone still relatively new to the world of American fashion, I wanted to collaborate with an American designer to expand my point of view. I think Kate and Laura have a very unique approach to fashion that nevertheless embodies the American creative spirit.” After looking at the collection, we certainly have to agree. Jeeves applauds these designers for their fabulous take on American style!
Click here (http://www to get updates on the collection!
Photos from Coach via Refinery29

Photos from Coach via Refinery29

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