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Fall Fashion Files: Vivid In Livid

September 12, 2016


Gray is a lovely color. Blue is a lovely color. So it is not at all shocking that livid—which is a hue that combines the two—is an especially lovely shade family.

In fact, we are such big fans of livid that we are declaring it our go-to color for fall 2016. Why? Because it is serene, it has depth and it is striking without being over-the-top.

Here are a few Jeeves-approved accessories that will make taking the livid leap a total breeze.

1.This Chambray Linen Scarf (http://usa NULL.tommy NULL.com/shop/en/thb2cus/women/scarves-hats-gloves/WW10630) From Tommy Hilfiger (http://usa NULL.tommy NULL.com/shop/en/thb2cus)

This lightweight multi-dimensional scarf is soft, textured and stylish. We also adore the fact that it isn’t overly bulky. Basically, this is the perfect livid pop to add to any fashionable fall outfit.

2. This Blue And Silver-tone Masculine Multifunction Sport Watch (http://shop NULL.guess NULL.com/en/Catalog/View/U0479G2?code=DA4177D8-EBE8-4946-AB33-48918EDD7648&mr:trackingCode=178DC39C-58B3-E411-A172-BC305BF0C9A4&mr:referralID=NA&mr:device=c&mr:adType=pla_with_promotiononline&mr:ad=79070405459&mr:keyword=&mr:match=&mr) From Guess (http://shop NULL.guess NULL.com/en)

This uber-sporty watch is amazing. Not only are we charmed by the polished silver bracelet, we also can’t ever get enough of the eye-catching icy livid dial; it is just so beautiful.

3. This Denim Chambray Pocket (https://www NULL.thetiebar NULL.com/product/PC846) Square From The Tie Bar (https://www NULL.thetiebar NULL.com/)

We are pretty into chambray these days, apparently. Anyway, this pocket square is a great way to sneak a little livid into your life. Plus, pocket squares are versatile; they can work with both “dressed up” and “dress down” looks and this denim one is very on trend.

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