Last Hurrah: Three Summer Clothing Items To Don Before Fall Arrives


Last Hurrah: Three Summer Clothing Items To Don Before Fall Arrives

August 9, 2016

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Summertime is still in the air, but it is hard to deny that fall is peeking its head around the metaphorical corner. So, do what any summer-loving style-icon-in-the-making would do and go grab your summer-est pieces and celebrate the season we are in.

Not quite sure what we mean by “summer-est pieces”? Perfect, because we are about to tell you! 

1. Daring Swimsuits

You only have a few weeks left to strut your stuff in your brightest, boldest bathing suits! Don’t let this opportunity fly by you without at least considering a few final poolside rendezvous—during which, of course, you can show off your most fashionable swimwear pieces*.

2. Shorts

Okay, while you can totally wear shorts during any season, it isn’t always advisable to do so, since, you know, that situation can get pretty chilly.

So, before you kiss your denim cut offs goodbye, slip them on one last time. It might be a while until you are able to declare them a seasonal wardrobe staple again!

3. Flowy Dresses

Whether you are popping into the poshest parties, swaying to the music at a festival or are hanging around the house, a feather-light dress in a white or pastel hue is the way to go during summer months. But during fall months? Not so much.

Don’t fret though, you still have time to squeeze in a couple more “wears” before it’s too late!

Now go forth and show off your summer style!

*Oh and don’t limit yourself to bikinis.

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