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Fall into Winter

October 15, 2009

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Rainy, cold day in NYC

Rainy, cold day in NYC

Nippy day here in New York City, wet and gloomy.  Jeeves had to tie a scarf around his neck for the first time this season, then slipped on his gloves.

So, how does your man Jeeves get ready for cold weather?

  • Don’t wait to have your winter coats and jackets cleaned; clean them before a stain develops.
  • Check for moth damage. Wool garments that were not cleaned before summer arrived should be looked at.  Moth holes can be repaired, but invisible weaving can get costly.
  • Leather, suede and shearling garments that are soiled should be cleaned before winter.  Have these garments “weather proofed”, which will help them shed water and soiling.
  • Have loose buttons, hooks and other closures repaired now. There is nothing worse than having a coat that cannot be buttoned up on a freezing cold day.
  • Check your other garments for open seams and falling linings. These areas take a lot of wear and should be fixed before they get worse.

Following these simple steps will insure an easy transition into Winter and save you hassle If you need cleaning advice, just ring your man Jeeves. As always he is at your service.

Jeeves can provide the ultimate in garment care for you just about anywhere around the globe. For those in New York City, Jeeves offers complimentary pick-up and delivery. Elsewhere Jeeves can ship via FEDEX.

Jeeves is only one of 23 garment care firms in the USA selected as one of America’s Best Cleaners.

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