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History of Jeans

June 9, 2012

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In late May of 1873 the modern jean was born in the US. Denim fabric purchased from Levi Strauss by Jacob Davis, a tailor, who added a copper rivets to the stress points on the work pants that he made for his customers to prevent them from tearing.

Jacob could not afford the patent for his invention so he wrote to Levi Strauss and proposed a partnership. The two men received their patent for “Improvement in Fastening Pocket Openings” in 1873.

The name jean comes from the Italian word “genuense” or “of Genoa” the town where the fabric was woven for sails, but proved so sturdy, clothing for peasants was created. The fabric was exported throughout Europe and was copied by mills in Nimes, France and eventually became know as denim, literally “de Nimes”.

That’s how an Italian fabric by way of France, sewn by a Russian tailor in the Nevada for railroad workers became a staple of American fashion.

Jeans from the Levis Strauss archive.s how an Italian fabric by way of France was sewn by a Russian tailor in Nevada for railroad workers became an icon of American fashion.

Tips for cleaning and wearing denim by Jeeves;

  • The indigo dye used on most jeans is fragile and will transfer. Jeeves has seen the dye from jeans damage handbags, upholstered furniture, shirts and even shoes. Wash or dry clean your jeans before wearing if you suspect the dye will transfer.
  • Never rub your jeans to remove a stain, because the dye is fragile you risk making a lighter area.
  • All jeans will fade after wearing and cleaning. This is the nature of denim. if you want to preserve the dark color of your favorite jeans, don’t clean them too often.
  • Check the garment care label for washing/cleaning instructions. Some jeans can be washed and some can only be dry cleaned.

Jeeves’ New York CO2 dry cleaning method is exceptionally gentle on the with the dye on jeans. When you need to clean your jeans, Jeeves can keep them as original as possible.

More about Jeeves New York can be found at JeevesNY.com (http://www NULL.jeevesny NULL.com). Thanks for listening.

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