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President Obama’s Wardrobe and Tailoring

August 28, 2009

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President Obama

President Obama

Your man Jeeves ran across an interesting article (http://www about the dress habits of President Obama in the Boston Globe.

It seems that the style pundits have been carefully studying the Presidents wardrobe and have made suggestions to help him look better.

It seems that first and foremost President Obama is in need of a good tailor.  According to the article his suits just don’t fit well. The length of his trousers is wrong (too long) and his jackets tend to have a “bolero” effect because they are too pinched at the sternum.

None the less, the tailors at Jeeves can help.

Clothing that fits less than perfect can be made to fit perfectly. Our craftsmen who work in our tailoring division are truly that. With an eye for detail our tailors can work wonders with any wardrobe, presidential or not.

If President Obama would like the services of your man Jeeves, we would be pleased to tailor his first suit complimentary.

Jeeves of Belgravia has the Royal Warrant as the Dry Cleaner for HRH the Prince of Wales, and maybe tailors to President Obama.

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