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Save Your Skins! or Leather & Suede Tips

October 22, 2009

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Runway model wearing leather

Runway model wearing leather

Fall has arrived in NYC with Mother Nature giving us 30 degree temperatures one day and 70 degrees the next. Your man Jeeves has some tips to look great and stay warm on those chilly days when you reach for your leather jacket.

  • Inspect your leather and suede garments before the first wear of the season. Look for stains, heavy soiling and repairs that may be needed.
  • Repair open seams, torn linings and loose buttons now. These are all small problems that can be fixed inexpensively but can become expensive repairs if ignored
  • If your leather or suede garment is stained or has heavy soiling, have it cleaned otherwise stains will become permanent! Cleaning adds conditions which keep leather soft and supple.
  • Have leather items conditioned annually if cleaning is unnecessary.
  • Consider having a “Shower & Stain” protection applied to suede items. This will potentially prevent spotting from rain showers and repel some stains.
  • As leather ages it gathers a patina that adds to the character of the garment. Have fun wearing your leather!

If you do need any of the above services, our in-house leather and suede cleaning team can help.

Did you know that most other garment care firms do not clean leather and suede in house? So you never know where your garments are going.

If our leather and suede cleaning team cannot clean your garment, nobody can. Your man, Jeeves.

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