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Wardrobe Spotlight: The Leather Jacket

September 27, 2016

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When we think about Fall and Winter fashion, a nice leather jacket is definitely a staple clothing item that comes to mind. Why? Because it’s versatile and goes with just about anything!

A leather jacket can be worn as a top or bottom layer. You can put on your favorite shirt and jeans, add your trusty leather jacket, and you’ll be warm all throughout the Fall season. Or, as it gets colder in the Winter, you can use your leather jacket as a layering piece to seal in warmth! Pairing a leather jacket underneath a fur coat is not only the perfect way to keep you warm, but it also gives your outfit some edge!

There are endless combinations of how you can wear the leather jacket. But the only way to try them all is to ensure that your leather jacket stays in top shape. Let us help you out with that!

Jeeves understands that your clothing is more than just fabric stitched together, there is a story behind the pieces you own, and we want to treat them with care. We have specialists that examine your leather and suede materials to determine the best way to clean them. Each cleaning is custom to your item and the care it requires.

After the jacket is cleaned, we hand finish it to make sure your that jacket lasts a long time, and is strong enough to endure the weather, as well as your many fashion endeavors!

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