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Fabric Pulls & Snags

October 25, 2012

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One issue that we see frequently at Jeeves, are pulls and snags in fabrics. They are caused when something rough or sharp pulls a fiber or group of fibers from the normal fabric pattern. Jewelery, jagged fingernails, or friction from rough surfaces all can cause pulls and snags. For example, satin wedding dresses with longer hemlines that drag on streets and sidewalks can become abraded. While for gentleman, their silk ties can become pulled from tie clips and hang-nails.

Finely woven fabrics such as satin and chiffon are the most difficult to repair invisibly, as the snag may also cause a run in the fabric. Coarsely woven knits are susceptible to pulls as well, but lucky enough, repairs can generally be made invisibly. These pulls and snags should never be cut though, as doing so may create a hole.

For an at home fix, pulls and snags can be repaired by pushing the loose thread from the front of the fabric to the back. Avoiding the possibility of a hole, but requiring patience and a steady hand. But if the piece is particularly delicate, or you don’t want to risk making the pull or snag worse; the repair department at Jeeves New York has many years of experience invisibly repairing pulls, snags and holes in variety of fabrics!

So don’t hesitate to contact Jeeves via phone or email to help us solve your fabric pulls & snags!

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