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Leather in this weather?

December 4, 2009

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Your man Jeeves thought leather jackets were a thing of the past. Not since the music styling’s of The Ramones and Billy Idol had leather infiltrated the fashion scene.

On his nightly stroll down Madison Avenue Jeeves could not help but to take note of the fact that the models in all his favorite store windows were sporting leather in every hue, texture, and style.

As he continued on his way home your man Jeeves became very aware that this “style” had leapt of the mannequins and onto every gentleman and young lady on the Upper East Side.

jeeves leather

Jeeves’ leather & suede department can:

  • Clean any leather or suede garment
  • Finish restoration
  • Color restoration
  • Repair tears or damaged skins
  • Replace damaged or worn linings

Jeeves may not appreciate the look of leather and this trend, but rest assured whether your jacket is old or new his staff will treat it with the utmost care and special attention to return your jacket to its original condition.

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