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Shearling Cleaning Tips

March 28, 2012

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Extreme example of salt burned shearling.

If you wore your shearling over the winter and it was splashed with slush or snow it should be checked for salt damage.

Salt can burn the skins of a shearling making it difficult or impossible to correct during cleaning.

Areas of shearling burned by salt will appear dark and will become stiff or hard. The texture of the shearling will change from buttery soft to card-board like in burned areas.

If your shearling is black, navy or other dark color the burned areas may be difficult to see. You should feel the bottom of your coat near the hem for damaged areas.

Consult an expert in shearling cleaning for any garment you suspect was burned by salt.

During cleaning, oils can be hand applied to the salt burned areas in some cases the issue can be helped, but usually the only way to completely correct the damaged area is to remove or replace the damaged skin. The coat to the right needed to be shortened 12 inches to remove the salt damaged area.

Your man Jeeves’ cleaning method keeps shearling looking fabulous and maintains the “soft as butter” feel, and is considered an expert in shearling cleaning.

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