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Spring Break & Your Winter Wardrobe

March 25, 2012

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New Yorkers did not suffer this past winter, in fact the only significant winter weather episode occurred on Halloween. Despite the lack of snow, we did have some cold weather and winter wardrobes were worn.

With temperatures hovering in the mid 70’s last week in New York City, shorts and flip-flops were spied on on the Upper East Side. What should you do with your winter clothes before you switch over to spring and summer? How about sending your winter wardrobe on a spring break?

Your man Jeeves advice is simple, anything that was worn should be cleaned before being put away. This advice is not unique to Jeeves, all wardrobe experts will advise you of the same.

Moths love left over bits of food and perfumes left on your woolens. These areas will be feasted on leaving you with holes and tears in the fall.

Stains that may be invisible now can become almost “impossible to remove” yellow areas after fermenting in the heat of summer. (Champagne and white wine are stains that will oxidized over time.)

Any fabric garments stored for an extended period of time should be put away in a dark, cool and dry environment. Storing fur, leather and suede requires addition attention.

High value garments should be stored under precise temperature and humidity. Jeeves’ cold storage vault has a highly sophisticated controls for the ideal high security environment for furs, leather and suede. The Jeeves fur vault will keep the skins of your garments soft and supple for years to come.

Taking care of your winter wardrobe is easy, ring your man Jeeves, and our staff can make arrangements for cleaning and storage of anything that you wore this past winter.

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