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Taking Care of Hand-Stitched Garments

January 31, 2013

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Cesare Attolini

Hand stitched garments like Cesare Attolini suits and other bespoke items, need a gentler method of cleaning than the norm. This is because hand-stitched garments are somewhat more delicate than machine stitch-work, and traditional dry cleaning may be a bit too aggressive for these types of garments.

Cesare Attolini

That is why Jeeves has developed “the perfect suit” service specifically to address the unique cleaning concerns of bespoke garments. Rather than subjecting the garment to a high speed tumble in a machine, “the perfect suit” service cleans the item by hand.

Cesare Attolini

Bespoke suits can take upwards of 40 hours of hand labor for completion. And this service is taken care of by our senior cleaning craftsman at our workshop. Making sure that no “un-do” stress is put on the garment or delicate stitch work, though the process may take a little longer, it is well worth the wait!

And guess what?!?!…Jeeves is the only dry cleaning service in NewYork that provides this level of service for the bespoke garment!

Valentino Spring Couture 2013

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