Style Chronicles: 2016 New York Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week (http://nyfw NULL.com/) has finally arrived and until September 15th rolls around, we will be firmly fixated on all things fashion. While […]

Jeeves NY Goes To Alpine (Kind Of)

We often encounter clients who adore receiving the Jeeves NY treatment, but who are not so similarly enthused about having to haul their dirty duds […]

3 Fall Fabrics We Can’t Wait To Pull Out Of Storage

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Drapery: Yes, We Are Talking About Curtains Now

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Why Your Couture Clothing Needs Couture Treatment

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Color Infusion: Gentlemen’s Edition

Tastemakers, movers and shakers and jet-setting fashionistos all understand that unexpected color choices can and should be utilized in order to make bold style statements. […]

The Professional Perils Of Being A Tailor

The Daily Beast (http://www NULL.thedailybeast NULL.com/) recently had a stellar (albeit it rather bleak) piece delving into why tailor extraordinaire Rory Duffy struggles to make […]

Poolside Apparel Game-Changers

We know, we know—we talk about summer way too much and too often. But we just can’t help ourselves; the season just lends itself to […]

Tailoring: Going Way Beyond Suits


Are you ready for a bit of very unsurprising news? Because we have some for you. We are really into tailoring (which is why it is […]

Laundry Care 101: Summertime Edition

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