2016 Golden Globes


  Its Award Season again, and that means we’ll be watching, noting and sharing our favorite award ceremony looks with you! Here are our top […]

A Year in Drycleaning: 2015


  What three defining trends made dry-cleaning a little more technical in 2015?  Black and white alternating fabrics. In pieces like this, it is very easy for […]

In the digital Age, is there a need for fashion shows and brick & mortar locations?


  A new era in fashion has begun, with the announcement of Matthew Williamson’s decision not to participate in London fashion week earlier this year, […]

The New Jeeves Website!!


Out with the old, in with the new. The new Jeeves New York website has launched! We’ve been hard at work re-designing the new site […]

Removing Strong Odors + Sweat From Your Clothes!


As the weather gets colder, you pile layers on before hopping on the subway to get to work. But as every New Yorker knows, no […]

Behind the Scenes…#VSFashionShow2015


What a show! Every year Victoria’s Secret puts on arguable THE BEST fashion show of the year, and this year…  WAS. EVERYTHING. From the hot […]

Holiday Season Frocks!


The passing of Halloween, signifies the advent of holiday season! Lace, metallic, sequined, bright and fun frocks to celebrate the end of a great year […]

Removing Halloween Makeup From Your Clothes!


  Got a great Halloween costume planned for this weekend?…Then you may want to heed just a few pointers IF you get some makeup in […]

The Big UNLOAD: Storage Swap At Jeeves


  Did you do the right think and store your clothes this winter? Then its time to take them out! Last time we checked, winter hit […]

Bridal Fashion Week: 5 Dresses that made us Blush!


Whats not to love about Bridal fashion week? Runways and runways of the most beautiful, elegant and intricate gowns; usually makes our heart sing!  But this […]

Buttons And Your Dry Cleaner


  Standard buttons on button up shirts (http://jeevesny NULL.com/services/menswear-cleaning-and-restorations-nyc/mens-shirt-cleaning) should not have any issues when entering the dry cleaning processes (http://jeevesny NULL.com/services/dry-cleaning-new-york-city). But those that are […]

Pleats: How To Clean & Maintain Them


Pleats. The quintessential mark of a ‘prim & proper’ article of clothing, with its application to silk, other fine fabrics or even leather, has been a favorite […]