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Rug and Carpet Cleaning

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A new season brings about new decor for your home. It’s time to put away those deep, warm tones that kept your home cozy this winter and break out some fresh and light colors that will breathe new life into your abode! Before you begin redecorating, make a quick call to Jeeves to clean your Winter carpets as well as ensuring your Spring carpet is in tip top shape.

The amazing employees at Jeeves of New York will pay special attention to your carpets to determine the cleaning and repairing methods necessary to revitalize your Persian rugs, woven Chinese silks and Afghans.

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The Jeeves team corrects splits, holes, stains and even burns. In fact, we are so good at restoring items, we are proud to say that we restore precious and invaluable items for the Lincoln Center and the Met!

If your rug or carpet is too large to take to Jeeves by yourself, don’t worry; you can schedule a pick-up with us and we’ll take care of everything for you. Regardless of the style of tapestry or the size, we have it all covered!

For more information on our rugs and carpet services, click here (https://jeevesny To schedule a pick-up, click here (https://jeevesny!

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