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August 14, 2012

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What does perspiration have to do with dry cleaning tips?

On those crazy hot days and your clothes feel like damp rags your sweat could be doing some damage.

When we sweat most of perspiration is water and dissolved minerals, but it also contains a small amount ammonia. Ammonia is the problem.

Certain fabrics and dyes can be affected and damaged by the ammonia in perspiration. This past summer has been unseasonably hot and at Jeeves we have seen more issues with perspiration damage then is usual.

Silk is one fabric which is most easily damaged by perspiration. It is not uncommon to see the underarm areas “bleached out” from sweat. In extreme cases we have seen the collar, underarms and back all damaged by sweat.

Advice from Jeeves? Any garment that is worn on a particularly hot day, that has gotten “sweaty” should be washed or dry-cleaned as soon as practical. This will remove the ammonia and hopefully the fabric and dye hasn’t been damaged yet.

If a garment has been damaged by perspiration it usually cannot be restored without dyeing the garment. Jeeves has been successful with dyeing garments with this issue, but we will always have to dye darker than the original color. Most of the time we recommend black.

If you need advice with garments that have been damaged by sweat stains, you can always consult Jeeves. We can be reached via our website (http://www NULL.jeevesny

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