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Garment Care: Wool Coats

Rain, hail, sleet or snow, your trusty wool coat is there for it all. It goes through a lot of wear & tear every winter, which means it requires extra care to last through the rest of the season. Here are some garment care tips to […]


The Winter Freeze, and tips for your designer garments!

The winter chill has taken a foothold in Manhattan, and its holding New Yorkers hostage to their winter wear. From fur, to shearling to wool and cashmere sweaters, bundling up is paramount for daily function. But what are some of the garment blunders that can […]


Can You Wash Wool?

Wool is a very interesting fabric. A fiber that becomes problematic once it is exposed to water, heat and agitation, it can be a bit of a challenge when it comes to cleaning… Especially at home. While technically wool does not shrink, it does appear […]

NYC Slush

Snow, Slush, Salt vs. Your Clothes

With another storm predicted for tomorrow the weather is taking a toll on every-one's wardrobe.



The moths in question may not kill, may not maim but will inflict harm. Harm not to you, but harm to your possessions. Moths, and not the kind that flutter towards the light harmlessly, but a different variety that hops along in darkness laying her […]