The Professional Perils Of Being A Tailor

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The Professional Perils Of Being A Tailor

July 15, 2016

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The Daily Beast (http://www NULL.thedailybeast recently had a stellar (albeit it rather bleak) piece delving into why tailor extraordinaire Rory Duffy struggles to make a living, despite the fact that he is a well-acknowledged master of his craft (http://www NULL.thedailybeast NULL.html).

While we highly recommend that you take the time to go read it in its entirety, here is a quick breakdown:

1. Being A Tailor Is An Expensive Career Choice

As Duffy points out, it costs a pretty penny to be a tailor, especially when your forte is in the higher-end realm. Supplies, training and creating a stylish, refined shop (you know, like ours) to work out of isn’t exactly a cheap endeavor.

2. Hours Spent Don’t Necessarily Translate To Money Earned

Creating a bespoke suit requires hours and hours of careful, meticulous work. And while many people balk at how much such a suit costs, when you sit down and crunch the numbers, you soon realize that the cost doesn’t always cover the cost of the materials and time required to craft the suit. And it’s pretty obvious why this type of business model is not sustainable, right?

3. Consumers Have Been Sold On “Fast Fashion”

The majority of consumers are now accustomed to paying dirt cheap prices for poorly-made garments, which leads to warped expectations of what style should look like and cost. Furthermore, appreciation of quality—in materials, in fit, in design, etc.—has dropped significantly in recent years. And those in the tailoring world, this is a very bad thing.

This also extends to “bespoke” suits, which are often actually just intentionally mis-marketed “made-to-measure” suits.

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