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A Random #FBF…The “Heyday of Haute Couture”

May 1, 2015

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Dior show 1950’s

The proverbial #FBF has us nostalgic for times of the past. When fashion was not consumed by the masses and haute couture was truly for the consumption by the upper echelons of society; even just visually, as gowns were viewed at invitation only shows in ateliers, and there was obviously no internet or mobile devices to disseminate images to the masses like in todays society. When gowns took months to make, and the craftsmen that made these gowns, dedicated decades of their lives to learning their craft by apprenticing to the “greats” that came before them. Creating a long lineage of designers that had both learned and formed everlasting bonds with one another.  To an era of fashion when materials were truly valued at small fortunes, and the wearers could feel the weight of their purchases on their backs…Proudly wearing them at exclusive fêtes in fabulous cities all over Europe. Shrouded in opulence and forged from talent and a beatific diligence to inspire…The 1950’s were the ‘heyday’ of haute couture.



Pierre Balmain

Charles James

Christian Dior


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