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Alexander McQueen and Shoe Repair NY

November 16, 2009

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Alexander McQueen Alien Shoe

Alexander McQueen Alien Shoe

Your man Jeeves was pondering Alexander McQueen’s 10 inch Alien shoes from his Spring 2010 collection. It seems that a certain Lady Gaga has already sported a pair in her music video Bad Romance.

It is Jeeves’ assumption that Lady Gaga is not really the female equivalent of a lord, but none the less, one must give her credit for her balance.

Jeeves fascination with these shoes is two fold. First how does a lady actually walk in them without the risk of serious injury? And second, if one damaged this shoe when walking who would be able to repair it?

For those anywhere in the world who are brave enough to wear Alien’s, rest assured that your man Jeeves is here in case of disaster. Jeeves’ shoe craftsmen can repair any shoe from a ballet flat to a 10 inch Alien. Jeeves also offers world wide service so that you may have your shoes sent to us and Jeeves will take care of the rest.

If you are a bit closer to Jeeves’ New York home, we operate an extensive collection and delivery service, so your shoes can be picked-up, repaired and delivered right to your home.

Alien shoes? Please do be careful when wearing, Jeeves would like to you stay in one piece.

Jeeves would like to credit Grazia Fashion (http://www NULL.graziadaily NULL.htm) for the inspiration for this blog post.

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