Keep Warm & Stay Fashion Forward at New York Fashion Week - Dry Cleaning Tips


Keep Warm & Stay Fashion Forward at New York Fashion Week

February 12, 2016

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For the fashionistas around New York City and beyond, Fashion Week is their Christmas. It all starts in New York, and even if you aren’t attending shows, it’s time to make the sideway your runway. How does one do so in the midst of winter? The answer is not how exactly, rather what. If you want to be featured on the various fashion blogs around town, you need a fabulous coat. Preferably something furry or suede, or a mix of both.



Take the hint from these street style photos from Vogue (http://www NULL.vogue, Who What Wear (http://www NULL.whowhatwear, and Pop Sugar (http://www NULL.popsugar Fur, whether real or faux, is not only warm but an outfit enhancer. Fur is cozy enough to wear open, so you can give that outfit you took hours to coordinate a chance to live.




Nothing says edge like a leather or suede jacket. You can team it with a skirt or dress to keep the feminine feel or part it will denim or trousers for a more masculine look. Leather and suede, especially when lined, also carries enough warmth to wear open during the fashion week season. Let your outfit shine!

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photos via Pop Sugar (http://www NULL.popsugar

When it’s all said and done, and the last model takes her final walk, remember to care for your gorgeous coat. Jeeves has a special cleaning process for both fur and leather. Fur at Jeeves is tumbled with corn cobs to loosen and remove all soil, and then vacuumed to remove all corn cobs from the fur and lining. Finally, the fur is glazed to reintroduce oils into the fur as well as realign the hairs of the fur.

Jeeves is also an expert in leather cleaning. If the natural oils in suede and leathers are not properly cared for, it can be harmful to the texture. So our leather specialists inspect each garment before selecting the most appropriate procedure to clean the leather or suede. Careful measures are used to retain the original state of the garment and there is a hand finish process that ensures optimum results for your leather or suede. Happy New York Fashion Week!

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