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May 20, 2009

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“Hand wash: do not wringe to remove water. Place it first in a sponge towel and then dry flat. Soft cool ironing on inside out garment. Avoid low cost dry cleaning services that would not guarantee optimum results.” Critical Shopper, New York Times. (http://www NULL.nytimes NULL.html?_r=1&scp=5&sq=%22t%20shirt%22&st=cse)

At last a garment care label that reflects the fact there are differences between dry cleaners. A label which actually tells you something more than just “dry clean only”.

Clothing is chosen on impulse, what looks great is the decision maker. Most of us never care about the “care” of the garment when we are in purchase mode.

Fashion is no longer as simple as “machine wash” or “dry clean only”. Labels profess, cajole and dictate optimum wearing conditions.

My personal favorite on a purposely wrinkled garment, “Do not wear in humid conditions”. I guess rules out wearing this light-weight designer jacket in NYC in August or anywhere in the Caribbean?

My staff reads every label of every garment to make sure every garment is taken care of correctly. Jeeves of Belgravia, (http://JeevesNY who happens to have the “Royal Warrant” as THE dry cleaning service for HRH, The Prince of Wales and family is known for their attention to detail.

Other dry cleaners; who knows? This is why it is best “to avoid low cost dry cleaning services that would not guarantee optimum results”. Let Jeeves read your labels for you.

Thanks for listening. Jerry Pozniak

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