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One hour dry cleaning, fact or fantasy?

February 28, 2013

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In the 1960‘s, one the big draws for dry cleaning was one hour service. There was even an entire brand, One Hour Martinizing, built around this impossibly quick service.

 Today, most local dry cleaning shops offer same-day service, but could even this service be too quick for maintaining quality?

At Jeeves we ask our clients for one week to properly clean and hand finish their garments. It’s not that we aren’t mindful of when a client needs something quickly, but being able to keep our client’s garments for days rather than hours affords us the ability to make sure everything is as perfect as possible.


The dry cleaning process alone takes a little more than one hour once the garments are placed into the machine. Also, dry cleaning is not the only method used to remove many of the most common stains like red wine, champagne, sauces, blood and cosmetic stains, all need an extensive amount of “hand cleaning” before the dry cleaning process even begins!

With same-day service cleaning, you can only do so much before you run out of time. And at Jeeves, it is not uncommon for our stain removal craftsmen to spend upwards of 2 hours pre-cleaning a garment with serious stains. And this process continues even after dry cleaning if the results do not meet the Jeeves quality standards.

So when you have a garment with a serious stain, give your dry cleaner more than a day, so they have enough time to remove that stain for you!

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