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Peachy’s Purse

May 15, 2009

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Peachy Deegan of “Whom You Know” (http://www NULL.WhomYouKnow was less than peachy. operation-fairy-dust-027

Her favorite red purse was failing her, not as a fashion item, but literally. The straps were tearing.

Peachy rushes over to her favorite dry cleaning establishment, Jeeves of Belgravia (http://www NULL.Jeevesny, as featured frequently in Whom You Know (oh, by the way Peachy’s blog has the best insider information about all things Manhattan).

Jeeves of Belgravia (http://www NULL.Jeevesny is the only dry cleaning establishment which is only steps off of Madison Avenue, and has locations world-wide.

Our head craft-person Amparo was on the case, with stitch-work and creativity, Peachy’s purse was perfect.

Problem solved. Peachy’s happy.operation-fairy-dust-0301

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