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May 22, 2009

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Wine Stained Sofa

Wine Stained Sofa

Deep chocolate brown velvet fabric covered the sofa as the white wine splash stood out as if bleached. The owner was heartbroken. Her apartment was perfect. The stain beckoned from every corner of the room.

Velvet is not a fabric to be taken lightly. Only a certain few dare to try to reverse the damage caused by liquids on velvet.

It’s not the wine causing the stain; the fabric is distorted. Velvet depends on light absorption to give the illusion of infinite depth. Once the fibers are altered with the splash of wine, the fabric reflects light when it should absorb.

Technicians from Jeeves of Belgravia’s on-site team took on the task. At first all traces of the wine need to be extracted and then each square inch of fabric, every last fiber had to be “re-aligned” so the splash would be “no more”.Brown Velvet Sofa after cleaning

A tedious job, yes. And most upholstery cleaners in NYC would say “No”. The technicians from Jeeves are the most highly qualified craftsman anywhere. Would you expect any less?

Thanks for listening. Jerry Pozniak

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