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The Big UNLOAD: Storage Swap At Jeeves

October 22, 2015

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fur-hood-nyfw-e1420808332863Did you do the right think and store your clothes this winter? Then its time to take them out! Last time we checked, winter hit NY early this year, and we don’t want to hang on to your luscious furs, supple shearling coats and cashmere sweaters while you’re freezing outside.

We’ve taken care of your winter favorites all summer long, from pre-cleanings before items were placed into storage, to a temperature controlled room to maintain the quality of your furs, to special breathable packaging to ensure your pieces are airated. Jeeves is top notch, and now that we’ve taken such great care of your winter pieces, its now time to enjoy their quality and warmth, through what we suspect will be a brutal NY winter. So take your winter wear out, and bring your summer best in! While summer clothes may not take up as much space in your closet, this is NY. More closet space is always appreciated, so continue to allow Jeeves to be that space for you!

PS…If you’re one of those clients that will be scooting off to a warm country all winter long (we envy you), no worries, your winter wear is in safe keeping. (http://www NULL.jeevesny

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