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The essence of a cities’ style….Street Style

January 20, 2015

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Street Style captures not only the essence of the times, but the cultural and geographical nuances, that truly make fashion an art form. From Berlin, to New York, Milan and Paris;  the differences in the way fashion is consumed and worn is palpable. The colors, textures, style and overall message of the outfits; differ as much as the various tongues they speak, yet somehow still dance along the seasonal trends that bind all fashion lovers season after season.

As Jeeves has made its business catering to some of the most fashionable people around the world, we couldn’t help by celebrate some dynamite looks from some of the worlds fashion capitals!


New York



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Jerry Pozniak

A garment care professional for over 23 years, Jerry Pozniak has cleaned just about everything for everybody. Fashion house such as; Prada, Gucci, YSL, Valentino, D&G and Hugo Boss have his cell phone on speed-dial. Celebrity stylists call him at all hours to solve fashion disasters and his most important client is you.

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